High Channel Count Testing — STREAMLINED

The Abacus 912 is the Latest Data Physics Analyzer/Controller that can be Expanded to Accommodate Any Size Test and Form Factor.

A system that doesn't choke, or even lose performance, when hundreds or thousands of channels are used together for data acquisition.

Are You Equipped to Meet the Challenges of High Channel Count Testing?

Data Accuracy


Did you know that when channels from different cards/chassis are not phase-synchronized, computations comparing measurements from different cards/chassis will be inaccurate? FRFs, Transmissibility, Math Channels, and more – all will be inaccurate. The 900 Series delivers the industry’s most accurate data – made possible via our industry leading 0.025deg @ 2kHz (0.5deg @ 40kHz) phase-snychronization – of every sample – across every channel – even with multi-chassis configurations.
Fast processing speed


Still tolerating bottlenecks? Other high channel count systems can have processing or data transfer bottlenecks – reducing the system performance when using lots of channels. With the 900 Series, there are no limitations on sample rates, block sizes, analysis parameters, or control capability regardless of the number of channels or chassis. You’ll get set up and running quickly and easily – and with unlimited expandability, the 900 Series can run tests with hundreds or thousands of channels without breaking a sweat.
Channel Flexibility


Competitive products don’t allow the use of any channel from any card/chassis as a control or limit channel in a vibration control test. Critical channels are then restricted to the number of channels in the primary chassis, limiting the total number of channels in a given test. With the 900 Series, you can measure, control, and limit on any channel, on any chassis. Math channels (summed forces/moments, relative displacement, etc.) can be computed across any channel/chassis, and can be used for control, limiting, or measurement.
Workflow Efficiency is increased with multiple simultaneous processing


Are you wasting time with post-processing? Other systems limit recording and analysis capability to not exceed their bottleneck. With the 900 Series, traditional “post-processing” can be performed live on any/all channels. Independently defined measurements are executed during a vibration control or another signal analysis measurement. These include - FFT Analysis - Transfer Function Analysis - Waterfall Analysis - Time Recording, with Automatic Export

Uncompromising Performance

Bottlenecks Eliminated

The 900 Series platform was designed from the ground up to allow virtually unlimited expandability, and can run tests with hundreds or thousands of channels without breaking a sweat.

Local Data Storage

During test, data is saved locally on each chassis and transferred to the PC on test end.  A PC/Windows crash causes no loss of data.


The 900 Series system loses no functionality as channel count increases – all functions and features are available when running high channel count tests.

Processing Power that Scales

Each 6ch A/D card includes multiple processors for measurement processing and data management – processing power scales with channel count.

PC Independent Measurements

All processing is done on the A/D cards themselves – the PC serves as the user interface to set up and start/end measurements and view data.

Unparalleled Phase Synchronization

Even across multiple chassis – our industry leading 0.025deg @ 2kHz (0.5deg @ 40kHz) phase matching holds true.

Multi-Chassis. Simplified.

Configuring multiple chassis to function as one can be done in a matter of seconds; even by an untrained user.

Select the chassis in the user interface; connect them to a switch, and daisy-chain the RJ45 (Ethernet) clock cable. The 900 Series software manages all the rest.

See How Easy it is to Set Up and Run High Channel Count Tests with the 900 Series

How to configure the hardware and run high channel count tests with a 900 Series Analyzer/Controller – featuring the Abacus 912.

How to quickly and easily configure the system for a random vibration test with time data recording at two sample rates, run a 200+ channel test, and export the recorded data – featuring the Abacus 912.

Software Tools Built for High Channel Counts

Filter and Sort Channels

All menus where channels or signals are selected contain filters to only view a certain range of channels. Sort by Channel Name, Number, and more.

Graphical Channel View

A useful graphical view of the system that matches the BNC configuration of the multi-chassis system allows for easily finding the desired channel to change parameters.

Import Channel Table from Excel

Load hundreds of channel settings from an Excel spreadsheet (or other, custom application) instantly through our application interface.

Chassis Number Displayed

During channel setup, the chassis number is displayed right in the channel table, making it easy to configure the correct channel.

Easily Manage Large Datasets from Hundreds of Channels

Designed for Large Datasets

The 900 Series distributed processing and software architecture is designed to handle large datasets – and does so in a manner that prevents data loss at all costs.

Automatic Exporting of Data

The software can automatically export hundreds or thousands of channels of data automatically while the test is still running – without choking.

Time History Data – Streamlined

High Channel Count time histories don’t scare the 900 Series software. The 900 Series software can transfer and export them (to Matlab, ASCII, or other formats) while a test is still running and live data is still updating on the screen. SignalCalc 900 can get your time history data into Matlab format for post-processing without even stopping acquisition.

Databased Data

All data is saved in the 900 Series software’s database – which is searchable and easy to locate the data set you are looking for.

SignalCalc 900 Channel Filter
Selecting a specific channel by filtering from 200+ channels.