vibration testing Applications

Supporting the Test and Measurement Industry with a Broad Range of Noise and Vibration Applications

Data Physics offers a wide range of test and measurement solutions including hardware, software and applications engineering expertise. The four main application categories are Dynamic Signal Analysis, Structural Testing, Vibration and Shaker Testing, and Acoustic Testing. We supply solutions for applications as multifarious as acoustic power generation, underwater acoustic testing, rotor dynamics analysis, modal analysis, and drop shock testing. Data Physics instruments solve real-world test and measurement problems for engineers across a wide range of industries.

Dynamic Signal Analysis

Data Physics signal analysis software provides comprehensive signal analysis tools with uncompromising results

man working on jet engine
shaker vibration testing products by Data Physics

Shaker Testing and Vibration Control

Whatever your environmental testing requirements are – Data Physics has a turnkey system to complete the tasks at hand.

Multi-Shaker Qualification and Validation

Data Physics MIMO Controllers are used to control the world’s most complex multi-shaker vibration tables.

Dual cube MDOF vibration testing
High Intensity and Underwater Acoustics from Data Physics

High Intensity and Underwater Acoustics Testing

Learn about underwater acoustic testing, high intensity acoustic testing in reverberant chambers, progressive wave tubes, and direct field acoustic tests.