High Intensity ACOUSTIC TESTing equipment

A Full Suite of Proven Acoustic Test Products and Services for RATF, PWT, or DFAT Testing

Whether testing a spacecraft in a reverberant acoustic test facility (RATF) or a component in a progressive wave tube (PWT), the principals of operation are the same. Both types of facilities require a compressed flow of air or nitrogen, noise sources, test chambers, and acoustic control systems. Data Physics can offer both expertise and equipment for new facility development as well as repair and service of existing facilities.

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Looking for Ling Electronics shakers, amplifiers, high-intensity sound transducers, or service? You can find them here. In 2009, Data Physics acquired Ling Electronics from Qualmark. The legendary Ling Electronics products have become the Data Physics “LE” product range – continuing a legacy of quality and performance in environmental vibration testing that you can trust.

High and Low Frequency Acoustic Power Generators

Electropneumatic Transducers for Generating High Intensity Acoustic Noise for Aerospace Environmental Qualification Testing

Data Physics offers an Acoustic Power Generator for high frequency testing applications. This acoustic power generator, or APG, is often called an electropneumatic transducer or EPT.

The SignalForce LE-APG-10K is a high frequency noise generator that produces 10 kW of acoustic power with a gas flow of 1500 scfm. The spectrum from the APG-10K can be shaped and controlled in 1/3 octave bands up to the 1.25 kHz band, and acoustic power is produced above 1.25 kHz through the useful distortion of the power in the lower-frequency bands. The APG-10K is fully compatible with the older Ling Electronics EPT-200 design.

For low frequency acoustic testing products, please visit Team Corporation (our NVT Group partner company) to learn about their MK VI (150,000 W) and MK VII (200,000 W) Acoustic Noise Generators.

Data Physics offers Acoustic Power Generators to cover both low and high frequency use.

LE-APG-10K High Frequency Acoustic Power Generator

Team Corporation Low Frequency Acoustic Noise Generator

Acoustic Control for Reverberant Acoustic Test Facilities (RATF), and Progressive Wave Tubes (PWT)

The SignalSound Random Acoustic Controller is designed to be used with a Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility (RATF) or a Progressive Wave Tube (PWT) to simulate high-intensity acoustic noise similar to that experienced during a rocket launch or high-speed flight.

The Random Acoustic Controller runs on the Data Physics Abacus hardware. Abacus is ideal for acoustic testing with high dynamic range and excellent channel-to-channel phase matching. Up to 32 input channels can be used for microphone measurements and up to 8 output channels can be used to drive separate acoustic noise sources in di¬fferent frequency bands. Random acoustic control supports 1/1 octave, 1/3 octave, and narrowband control. A local throughput disk in the ABACUS hardware enables continuous throughput to disk of time history data for post processing.

Safety of the test article is at the forefront of the controller design, and a range of safety checks provides protection for the test article.

The Random Acoustic Control software provides extensive display and analysis capability during a test. The test operator may view time and frequency domain data (narrowband or nth octave) from all active channels during the test. Averaged control signals can be overlaid with reference and tolerance profiles.

SignalSound control software

MIMO Acoustic Control for Direct Field Acoustic Testing

Direct Field Acoustic Testing is an alternative to Reverberant Field Acoustic Testing (RFAT).  DFAT testing is performed with guidance from NASA-HDBK-7010 – “DIRECT FIELD ACOUSTIC TESTING (DFAT)” 

DFAT has certain advantages over RFAT in lower costs of equipment needed to generate the acoustic field and reduced facility and overall infrastructure costs.
The MIMO acoustic controller creates a diffuse acoustic field within the speaker ring

The Direct Field Acoustic Controller from Data Physics employs the Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) control technology developed by Data Physics for its multi shaker vibration controllers to achieve the required sound pressure levels while ensuring a uniform sound field.

DFAT speakers in high intensity acoustic test
Speaker Ring for DFAT Testing
DFAT OASPL high intensity acoustic test capabilities
SPL Control Levels and Tolerance Bands

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