Thermal Chambers and more

Shaker Accessories for Thermal Chambers

Data Physics thermal barriers can be customized for your shaker, head expander, or slip table to allow for complete thermal + vibration environmental stress screening applications. Shakers, head expanders, and monobases can be customized to fit an existing or new thermal chamber on your lab floor.

Chamber Interfaces and Thermal Barriers

  • Monobases, head expanders, and slip tables that can fit inside a thermal chamber 
  • Thermal Barriers to protect the shaker, made of either phenolic type solid material or closed cell polyurethane foam  
  • Shakers can be below the chamber, or on air glides for easy detachment and removal from the chamber
Data Physics Test System with environmental chamber
Aerospace Vibration Testing at NASA

Controller Interface with Thermal Chambers or other Lab Systems

The 900 Series controller has a multitude of ways to communicate with virtually any thermal chamber or other laboratory system.

  • Signal thermal chambers or other equipment to power on with the a Digital IO Card
  • Receive signals from external equipment to trigger a vibration test to start
  • Schedule tests – including triggering a thermal chamber to power on/off – to run 100% automated
  • Trigger tests programmatically with your own software application via a generic software interface