Sine Data Reduction

Monitor Hundreds or Thousands of Channels in a Sine Vibration Control Test and Configure Abort Channel Profiles to Trigger the Controller to Abort

SignalCalc Sine Data Reduction is used dur­ing a swept sine test under the direction of a vibration controller, providing additional measurement channels to supplement the controller. Sine Data Reduction also serves as a critical safety system for protection of high value test articles like satellites, triggering the controller to stop within milliseconds of a pre-defined tolerance being exceeded.

The powerful analysis functions and eas­ily customizable graphical user interface features facilitate data analysis and compari­son with analytical models, enabling test engineers to make critical decisions when testing high value test articles.

Proven Sine Measurement Capabilties

Programmable Tracking Filter

User specified, high quality fixed or proportional frequency bandwidth tracking filters.

Transient Monitoring

Monitor gap-free for transient events on any channel, and trigger the vibration controller to abort if any occur.

Channel Averaging

Multiple channels may be averaged (average, RMS average, Maximum, Minimum) to calculate the average control used by the vibration controller.

User-Defined Alarm and Abort Profiles

Alarm and abort profiles provide additional safety for high value test articles by providing warnings and remotely aborting the vibration controller test.

Safe Shutdown

Trigger the vibration controller to abort the test with an ultra-low latency trigger – a critical part of a Soft Shutdown test system.

User-Specified Sine Measurement Processing

User specified Average, Peak, RMS, Tracking Filter, or DC amplitude measurement.

Advanced Test Capabilities

Channel and Signal Math (DP930-80)

Gap-free math operations may be applied on live data to compute summed forces/moments for force and moment limiting; or to calculate velocities or displacements.

High Channel Count

All signal processing is performed on the DSP cards themselves, allowing the system to expand to hundreds or thousands of channels

Simultaneous Multiple Measurements

Run a secondary measurement simultaneously with the Sine Reduction test to speed up data analysis.  Eg. visualize harmonic excitation on a waterfall plot – generated live during the sine sweep with no post processing required.

Time Data Recording (DP930-23)

Raw time data may be recorded at up to 216 kSamples per second

Comprehensive Sine Data Reduction Features

1 Control Signals

Average control signals can be computed and overlaid on tolerances (reference, alarm, abort).

2 Abort Profiles

Abort profiles, used to protect test articles, can be displayed in graphs during testing.

3 Transmissibility

The transmissibility between any two channels can be computed, saved, and displayed during testing.

4 Time Data

Both sweep data and time data can be displayed during testing.