High Frequency, High acceleration SRS Testing

High Frequency, High Velocity SRS Pulses Previously Not Possible on Electrodynamic Shakers are Made Possible with IGBT Amplifiers and Data Physics 900 Series Controllers

Advancements in amplifier technology and controller algorithms have allowed Data Physics to redefine what SRS shocks are possible to be run on a shaker.

IGBT Amplifiers and SignalForce Shakers

  • Amplifiers Directly coupled to the shaker without a transformer
  • High voltage power amplifiers, with up to 200Vrms voltage output enable high velocities not achievable on other amplifiers
  • Up to 160 inch/sec (4 m/s) velocity 
  • Run/measure SRS out to 10kHz with the 900 Series Controller
Get The IGBT Amplifier Advantage

900 Series Controller SRS

  •  Generate SRS pulses from SRS references with a Minimized Te (effective duration)
  • Manually modify or copy/paste the generated wavelet table
  • Prevent overdriving at high frequencies by band limiting the drive, while still measuring the SRS out to 10kHz
  • Measure the response simultaneously SRS with different octave or damping settings than the control SRS (Multi-Measurement)
  • Take Frequency domain measurements live during test execution (Multi-Measurement)