Time History Recording Editor

Modify Time Histories Graphically with the Time Recording Editor

Time History Recording Editor is a graphical tool which allows modification of time-domain data files. Source time histories can come from the 900 Series software, or can be imported from an external source. The resulting edited time data file can be analyzed in 900 Series software, output through an output channel to drive a shaker, used in a time replication shaker test or exported for external use.

Recording editor allows you to concatenate events that were recorded hours apart, events from different channels or recordings, or events from imported recordings into a single new recording. Recordings can also be trimmed, scaled, filtered, resampled, and can have ramps added at appropriate places.

The resulting time history can be post-processed using 900 Series software, used to drive a shaker, or exported.

Visual Time Data Manipulation

Cursor-Based Functionality

Use cursors to select which segments to insert, and where to insert them. Trimming segments from a single- or multi-channel time history can be performed in seconds

Ramping, Filtering, and Resampling

Add ramps visually with cursors, apply low/high/bandpass/notch filters, or resample the new time history as it is being pieced together

Multi-Monitor Support

Use split screen view to display the source time histories on one monitor, and the newly created time histories on the second. View multiple channels of each without flipping between tabs or windows.

Responsive Displays

Plots can be zoomed, panned, or rescaled – and they remain responsive even with large, high sample rate time histories

Multi-Channel Synchronization

Supports multiple channel time histories, and maintains perfect time synchronization when simultaneously copying segments from multiple channels into the new time history.

Multiple Source Time History Files

Source data can be from several time history files. Source time histories can be from different measurement systems (imported) and can have different sample rates

SignalCalc 900 Recording Editor Multi-Monitor
SignalCalc 900 Recording Editor Multi-Monitor

Resulting Time History Uses

Playback Analysis

Post process time histories with SignalCalc 930 Signal Analyzer (DP930-10); or output it through an output channel

Math Functions

Use math operations (add, subtract, integrate, etc.) as a part of playing back a time history to perform further analysis (DP930-80)

Shaker Table Replication

Compile a time history from one or many acceleration (or force) recordings and control a shaker to reproduce the compiled time signal (DP960-50)


Easily save and export generated time histories

Efficient Testing, Analysis, and Reporting

1 Select Multiple Source Files

Copy time data from different source files into the destination time history

2 View Multiple Channels

Display multiple channels from your source file(s) simultaneously

3 Cursor Operation

Use cursors to surround the time data you wish to insert into the destination recording

4 Copy or Insert Data

Copy data from the selected source to the destination by appending, inserting, or overwriting

5 Channel Map

Select one or more channels to copy data to/from

6 View Resulting Data Live

View one or more channels from resulting time history as it is constructed

7 Multi-Monitor Support

Break off the generated time history and its controls for display on a second monitor.  Editing large time histories has never been this streamlined