MIMO Direct field acoustic control

Data Physics MIMO Direct Field Acoustic Test Controller Provides Superior Control of Loudspeakers for Acoustic Noise Tests. The 800 Series MIMO Acoustic Controller Can Generate Acoustic Fields with Uniformity Unmatched by RATF Chambers.

Before being launched into space, a satellite must be test to verify it can survive the intense acoustic environment of launch. Testing has traditionally been performed only in reverberant chambers. But today with the advent of MIMO control technology and enough independently driven loudspeakers, direct field acoustic testing is not only a viable alternative to RATF testing – it has many advantages over RATF testing as well.

DFAT speakers in high intensity acoustic test
Speaker Ring for DFAT Testing
DFAT OASPL high intensity acoustic test capabilities
SPL Control Levels and Tolerance Bands

MIMO Acoustic Control for Direct Field Acoustic Testing

Direct Field Acoustic Testing is an alternative to Reverberant Field Acoustic Testing (RFAT). DFAT testing is performed with guidance from NASA-HDBK-7010 – “DIRECT FIELD ACOUSTIC TESTING (DFAT)” 

DFAT has certain advantages over RFAT in lower costs of equipment needed to generate the acoustic field and reduced facility and overall infrastructure costs.The MIMO acoustic controller creates a diffuse acoustic field within the speaker ring.

The Direct Field Acoustic Controller from Data Physics employs the Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) control technology developed by Data Physics for its multi shaker vibration controllers to achieve the required sound pressure levels while ensuring a uniform sound field.