Resources to Advance Your Test and Measurement Capabilities

Data Physics offers training packages to suit your needs. Lectures and hands-on classes at Data Physics locations, on-site training, and web-based training are offered for all Data Physics products. All courses, whether at Data Physics or the user’s site, are kept small enough to foster communication between students and instructors.

Dynamic Signal Analyzer Training

Students will learn how to set up and use their Data Physics analyzer effectively for noise and vibration measurements. Emphasis will be placed on :

  • Understanding basic signal processing in order for the student to recognize measurement problems and interpret results
  • Using shakers and impact hammers for Frequency Response Measurements

The course is presented in two parts. Part I emphasizes the standard features of all the analyzers and comprises the first three days of the course week. Part II covers all the various add-on options available for the analyzers and is covered the last two days of the week. Students may register for Part I, Part II, or both.

Abacus 901 Vibration Controller
Vibration Controllers from Data Physics

Vibration Controller Training

Students will learn how to effectively set up and use their Data Physics Controller for various types of testing requirements. Emphasis will be placed on :

  • Understanding basic vibration control techniques for product testing and analysis that will allow operators to quickly diagnose and tune test parameters.
  • The preparation and production of test documentation.

The course is presented in two parts, Part I and Part II. Part I covers vibration fundamentals that are required to effectively use the controller. Part II focuses on vibration control and the various test types used for product testing. Students may register for Parts I and II or Part II.

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3rd party training

Training Courses with Navcon Engineering Held in Fullerton, CA

4 Day Hands-On Modal Testing & Analysis Course Featuring Data Physics SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers

The intended audience are engineers and technicians responsible for modal test data acquisition, data reduction, and FE analysis. The class is truly hands-on with more than 50% of the time being spent in the laboratory. Students will conduct both impact and shaker modal tests, time and frequency domain operational deflection shape tests, and will complete a variety of digital signal processing and measurement laboratories.

The Hands-on Modal Testing & Analysis Course is a technology driven seminar. Lectures focus on the theoretical background with emphasis on the practical application. It is not the intention of the seminar to train students on any specific hardware or software application. However, Data Physics analyzers are used exclusively during the laboratories. Students will get more than 16 hours of hands-on experience with Data Physics SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers. Upon completing the training, students will have a working knowledge of the analyzers (hardware, user interface and setup) and will have used them to make various measurements including: auto & cross power spectra, linear spectra, impact and shaker frequency response, coherence, and time captures.

The course also features Vibrant Technology’s ME’scope modal software. Attendees acquire their own data and conduct their own analysis. Attendees are paired in groups of 2 and each group is provided a 4-channel SignalCalc Quattro Analyzer during the digital signal processing and impact excitation labs. Each group uses a Quattro while conducting an impact modal test on the Jim Beam test structure, which was used for the 2009 IMAC Round Robin test article. Students use the SignalCalc Mobilyzer (powered by Abacus) Analyzers to conduct the multi-channel Porsche modal and operational deflection shape tests.

Training Courses with Abtronix Held in the Netherlands

Using Data Physics products, Abtronix B.V. in The Netherlands provides periodic courses regarding vibration technology. See the Abtronix web site for more information.

If you and/or one or more of your colleagues would like to attend courses, you can submit your registration at ABtronix using fax number +31 76 5968888 or by e-mail: