Data Physics Shakers, Guided Head Expanders, and Controllers Provide a Safe, Feature Rich Solution for Testing Large EV Battery Assemblies

Control, Automate, Monitor

The 900 Series Vibration Controller brings vibration control into the 21st century.  

The controller can work along with other lab equipment such as a thermal chamber or supervisory controller; or it can be the control center which issues commands to the other lab equipment at appropriate times

While executing a vibration test; the controller can monitor circuit continuity, or precisely track structural resonance shifts using advanced features such as FFT Zoom analysis.

  • Sine, Random, Shock, Sine/Random on Random, Resonance Dwell, and Time Replication Control
  • Digital IO card, to send/receive commands to/from other lab equipment
  • Sequence tests with programmatic logic and the Digital IO Card
  • Write your own software to command the 900 Series controller
  • Independent signal analyzer measurements can monitor battery health during test
  • Custom report generation based on user-created Microsoft Word templates
Data Physics latest vibration test systems for EV and Hybrid vehicle batteries