Random Vibration Control

Random Vibration is representative of the broad range of vibration environments that products and structures experience during their lifetimes.

Random vibrations excite all of a structure’s resonant frequencies simultaneously, often simulating the environment the structure will see when it is in the field.  Short or long duration random vibration tests are used to ensure a product or structure will be able to withstand the vibrations it will experience during its lifetime.

Random Vibration Control in SignalCalc 900

Random Vibration Testing applications including prototype testing, production screening, qualification to standards such as MIL-STD 810, and more. Random control supports both Gaussian and non-Gaussian (kurtosis) control.

Custom Reports and Data Review/Export

Fully Customizable Plots

Include readouts including test parameters, customer and test article name, operator, test time, etc

Overlay Data

Data from one or more runs can be overlaid in Review Mode within seconds.  The overlaid plots can be placed in a report.

Data Export

PSD data can be exported automatically at the end of a test.

Create Custom Report Templates in Word

Create a report template in Microsoft Word and have SignalCalc 900 populate the report parameters, plots, and images automatically after each test (DP900-68)

Images and Media

Attach images of the test article or setup and have them printed in the report

Generate Reports Anywhere

Generate Reports on the PC that conducted the test, or on any networked PC

Efficient Setup, Test Execution and Data Review

Fast test setup

Tests setup parameters are chosen automatically, or can be taken from an existing test.

Reference Profile Entry

PSD profiles can be entered manually, copy/pasted into the breakpoint table, imported from a text file, or loaded from measured data

Full Manual Controls

Manually increase test level before running the scheduled full level test

Automatic Data Archiving

Data and test profiles are automatically saved into a test database

Shared test database

Multiple test stands can share the same test database, and data can be reviewed and reported from anywhere on the network


Predictive notching can be applied to any channel, including math channels

Random Vibration Control with Limiting

1 Status Display

Large readout of live test status in Control Panel.

2 Versatile Limit Channels

Set unique limit profiles for any measurement or math channel, including force/moment limiting using force gauges.

3 Graph Layout Controls

Dock and undock graph layouts for viewing full screen or on additional monitors.