Seismic and Earthquake Testing

Simulate Nature's Destructive Power in the Lab

Data Physics vibration controllers can accurately replicate damaging earthquake vibrations on a seismic earthquake table. Excite single- or multi- axis vibrations, using time waveforms, transients, or an SRS as your reference profile.

Data Physics 906 and 901 on screen

Earthquake tables come in many shapes and sizes – Data Physics Controllers can control any and all of them.

  • Single or Multi-Shaker Excitation
  • Single or Multi-Axis Excitation
  • Hydraulic Actuators

Test to different earthquake standards or use different reference profile types such as:

  • IEEE 344
  • ICC-ES AC156
  • NEBS
  • Time History or Shock Replication
  • SRS Shock 

Multi-Axis Earthquake Simulation Controller

Data Physics Controllers can control large, multi-axis earthquake simulator vibration tables 

  • Multi-Axis Transient Replication: Record transient signals to replicate, or import them from an external file
  • Multi-Axis SRS Shock Vibration: Generate Shock pulses that conform to a defined SRS pulse in each axis 
  • Multi-Axis Sine: Excite large structures at their resonant frequency
  • Control any number of actuators in any orientation for increased force capability 
  • Control translations in 1, 2, or all 3 axes simultaneously
  • Accurately replicate all damaging effects of an earthquake in the lab
Large Multi-Axis Earthquake table for IEEE 344 Testing
Large Multi-Axis Earthquake Table for IEEE 344 Testing

Complete Earthquake Test System

NVT Group partner company Team Corporation manufactures a high displacement earthquake table, the SEISMIC SIMULATION TEST SYSTEM. This system is easily controlled with the 900 Series controller, and together they offer a turnkey solution to run a wide variety of earthquake pulses – both pre-defined specs or user generated signals.