Time data recording

Many Dynamic Measurement Applications Benefit from Real-Time Analysis and Real-Time results in the Frequency Domain. However, Some Measurements Require an Archive of the Raw Time Data.

All SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers and Vibration Controllers are capable of recording the live time data parallel to any processing or control tasks.

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The recorded time data can be saved at maximum sample rate independent of the bandwidth of the processed data. The recorded time data can be sent over the LAN connection to a PC for post processing or export.

  • Simultaneous recording and measurement
  • Independent recording sample rate
  • Local recording to solid state disk
  • Automatic start and stop recording using events
  • Circular recording
  • Record multiple sample rates simultaneously
  • Automatic Export formats – Excel/ASCII, Matlab, UFF, ME’Scope
  • Export without stopping the test (906)
  • Recording of Shaker Drive and Math channels
  • Vehicle pass-by measurements
  • In-flight recording and analysis at the design office
  • In-car testing by automotive manufacturers
  • On board submarines for underwater tests
  • On board ships from aircraft carriers to boats
  • Roller coaster vibration