Time History Replication Control

Record or Import Time History Data to be Replicated on a Shaker Table

Record field data with your portable Abacus 901 or 906 and use the same Abacus hardware and software suite to control the vibration on your shaker. The 900 Series Time History Replication software minimizes the amount of data acquisition and control hardware all while streamlining the entire process.

Graphical Time History Profile Editor

SignalCalc 900 Recording Editor
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Built for Modern Computers

The time history editor is a graphical tool that takes full advantage of 1080p monitors or multiple monitors.

Splice Time Histories Into One

Record or Import from multiple data sources at different sample rates and insert/delete/append to create the reference time history.

Ramp, Scale, or Filter a Time History

Apply lowpass, highpass, bandpass, or bandreject filters to any part of the time history.

Convenient Setup

Surround a portion of the reference time history with cursors and see the frequency spectrum of the portion of data.

Displacement/Velocity View

View the entire time reference as acceleration, velocity, or displacement with the click of a button.


Split your time reference into “sequences” which can be scheduled for playback in any order.

Customizable Data Saves and Parameters

Iteration Control

Iteration control mode repeatedly runs the profile at an attenuated level, improving control for playback at full level.

Save all or Part of the Time Playback

All or parts of the time data recorded during test can be saved.

Customizable Test Tolerances

Apply smart tolerances in the time or frequency domain which avoid erroneously triggering when the profile is below the noise floor.

Smart Control Parameter Selection

Control parameters are optimized to adapt to any time reference

Smart Control Correction

The controller only adapts at frequencies which are excited during the test.

Review Data

Complete time histories and frequency domain data can be plotted or zoomed on when reviewing data.

Realtime Control Mode

Quickly get a test up and running with Realtime control mode

Time and Frequency Domain Data

Time and Frequency domain data is recorded and saved during the test for review or export

Custom Reports and Data Review/Export

Fully customizable plots, with readouts including test parameters, customer and test article name, operator, test time, etc.

Create a report template in Microsoft Word and have the controller populate the report parameters automatically after each test (DP900-68).

Data from one or more runs can be overlaid in Review Mode within seconds. The overlaid plots can be placed in a report.

Recordings and frequency data can be exported to external formats.

1 View Profiles at a Glance

View the time history in its entirety at a glance.

2 Cursor Selection

Automatic or manual control of pulse polarity, level, control parameters, and number of pulses.

3 Zoomed View

View a close up of the data between the cursors

4 Sequences

Divide the reference profile into sequences, each with different parameters.

5 Acceleration/Velocity/Displacement 

Display the entire time reference in Velocity or Displacement.

6 Frequency Domain View

View the FFT of the section of data inside the cursors.