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When it comes to working efficiently, there is no time for downtime. Under our competitively priced support plans, you can access high quality support quickly and easily. Additionally, to ensure a lower cost of technology ownership, you can choose the service level that meets your business' requirements.

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Maintenance and Support Plans

PCS – Premium Customer Support

For users that need faster response times and the highest level of assurance, Data Physics offers a higher level of support. Systems can be upgraded to include PCS at the initial purchase or anytime thereafter. In addition to the faster response than standard support, PCS includes semi-annual periodic maintenance and calibration of the hardware.

SCS – Standard Customer Support

SCS is included with any standard purchase, includes both hardware and software support. Extending SCS beyond the initial year of purchase serves to ensure that the system is updated with the latest capability and software fixes, application support is readily available, and the hardware is protected.

No Customer Support Plan

Not every customer is able to maintain support on their systems, and for these customers, Data Physics provides options to make sure the system is working properly and is updated.


Partner with Data Physics to get your chosen Test & Measurement solution up-and-running efficiently. Start-up and installation packages can include delivery, installation, configuration, testing and orientation by our highly technical professionals.

Data Physics Installation Services help you take advantage of custom start-up to support your unique measurement requirements and enjoy top performance from the start.


Data Physics offers training packages to suit customer needs. Lectures and hands-on classes at Data Physics locations, on-site training and web based training are offered for all Data Physics products. To allow the content to be adapted to user needs, onsite training has become a popular option for users. All courses, whether at Data Physics or the user’s site, are kept small enough to foster communication between students and instructors.


Not every customer is able to maintain support on their systems, and for these customers, Data Physics provides options to make sure the system is working properly and is updated.

Keep your equipment operating at peak precision by regularly calibrating your hardware. The Data Physics Service Center is ISO 9001:2015 certified. All calibration services performed by Data Physics are traceable to international standards.

You can choose to return your equipment to Data Physics Service Center, or have one of our technical professionals come to your site or have your own metrology department perform the service using Data Physics calibration software and recommend procedures.

If you have a Data Physics Vibration Test System or related analyzers and controllers, we can help you maintain the highest levels of accuracy – through expert accelerometer calibration.


Data Physics support packages cost effectively upgrade and/or extend the warranty on your products, and post-warranty support packages are available even when you warranty has expired.

Data Physics Support Packages help you maintain high productivity for your staff through improved system availability, fastest response time and repair commitments and fixed support cost for the years of coverage.


Save time and money when you upgrade your technology with the Data Physics trade-in program. We give you an allowance for your current Data Physics equipment and let you apply it toward the purchase of new Data Physics products.

So it is easy to use the aging technology you have to get the new Data Physics products you want.