Sine Vibration Control

Sine Vibration Control is Used to Qualify a Test Article or to Excite its Resonances to Test Durability

Swept Sine testing is the primary tool for characterizing the dynamics of a test article. Sine testing delivers sinusoidal excitation to the article under test, controlling the excitation level through a pre-defined frequency range.

Custom Reports and Data Review/Export

Fully Customizable Plots

Include readouts including test parameters, customer and test article name, operator, test time, etc

Overlay Data

Data from one or more runs can be overlaid in Review Mode within seconds.  The overlaid plots can be placed in a report.

Data Export

Sweep data can be exported automatically at the end of a test.

Create Custom Report Templates in Word

Create a report template in Microsoft Word and have SignalCalc 900 populate the report parameters, plots, and images automatically after each test (DP900-68)

Images and Media

Attach images of the test article or setup and have them printed in the report

Generate Reports Anywhere

Generate Reports on the PC that conducted the test, or on any networked PC

Notching and Manual Controls

Optimized Notching

Industry-leading notching performance – Notch profiles can be applied to any channel including math channels

Force, moment based notching

Sum forces or compute moments from multiple channels and use the results as notch channels

Predictive Notching

Both realtime limiting based on live measurements, and predictive limiting based on pre-test FRF signature

Full Manual Control​

Control the sweep manually to sweep through tricky resonances

Manual Ramping

Control the ramp up manually, and wait for user input before starting the sweep

Math Channels

Math channels can be used to to compute summed forces or moments; and the result used as a notch/limit channel.  Math computations are gap free and the resulting channels behave exactly as an input channel.

Effective Control

Fast Test Setup

Tests setup parameters are chosen automatically, or can be taken from an existing test.

Ultra-High Speed Control Loop

Stable control of both hydraulic and electrodynamic shakers, and control of test articles with high Q resonances

High Speed Abort Triggers

External safety systems can quickly trigger a shutdown to protect valuable test article

Physical Stop Switch

A Physical stop switch is included with every controller

Sine Vibration Control with Limiting

1 Status Display

Large readout of live test status in the control panel.

2 Manual Controls

Export data to Excel/ASCII, Matlab, UFF, ME’scope.

3 Limiting/Notching

Compare and contrast signals from different Tests/Runs/Saves; construct waterfall plots from individual saves in Review Mode.

4 Transmissibility

Transmissibility between any two channels with stats displayed.

5 Custom Layouts

Fully customizable plots and multi-monitor support.