Automotive Vibration Testing

Shakers, Controllers, Amplifiers, Slip Tables, Head Expanders, and Accessories for Vibration Testing. Signal Analyzers for Vibration and Acoustic Measurements.

Data Physics provides a full range of products for automotive vibration and acoustic testing.

Automotive Vibration Testing
Photo courtesy of Automobiltechnikum Bayern GmbH

Shakers, Amplifiers, and Accessories

  • Data Physics offers a wide range of shakers/amplifiers from 2lb to 50,000lb 
  • Standard and custom head expanders and slip tables to fit your test article size
  • Up to 3″ Stroke in an electrodynamic shaker
  • Test from <1Hz to >5kHz with the new IGBT amplifier

The Multi-Faceted 900 Series Vibration Controllers

Run any Pre-Defined Spec

Random (w/Kurtosis), Sine, Shock/SRS, Sine/Random-on-Random, Time Replication, and more.

Field Data Recording and Playback

Record field data with the portable Abacus 901, and replicate the vibration on your shaker with the same Abacus 901 unit functioning as the controller!

Integrate with Existing Lab Equipment

Signal our software to start/stop with analog or software messages – or control your other lab equipment with our software.

Automatic Data Archiving

Data and test profiles are automatically saved into a searchable test database.

Shared Test Database

Multiple test stands can share the same test database, and data can be reviewed and reported from anywhere on the network.

Use Your Vibration Controller as a Signal Analyzer 

All 900 Series Hardware can function as a Vibration Controller, Data Recorder, or Signal Analyzer. 

Advanced Monitoring During Test

Monitor health of your product during a vibration test with independent signal analysis measurements that execute during a vibration test.

100% Custom Reports

Generate your own report template in Microsoft Word using placeholder images and text.  The 900 Series Controller fills in the placeholders with test parameters and results.

Acoustic + Vibration Measurements

Simultaneously acquire vibration and acoustic measurements from the same software and hardware platform.

Team 901 Engine Simulator
Team Corporation 901 Engine Simulator

Powertrain Vibration Simulation

Data Physics controllers can be used along with the Team Corporation 901 Engine Simulator.

  • Simulates rotary vibration seen in powertrains by simulating rotary motion (RPM) simultaneously with angular vibrations multiple, discrete frequencies
  • Multiple angular vibration tones can be controlled simultaneously, simulating harmonic vibrations
  • Rotary motion (RPM) can follow the angular vibration frequency, or remain constant to simulate transmissions’ excitation
  • Complete, turnkey system provided by Data Physics and NVT member company Team Corporation

Multi-DoF Road Simulation

Team Cube 6 Axis Control

Record Road Vibration in or 6DoF

Use SignalCalc 900 to record multi-channel time domain vibration to capture 6DoF vibrations – or use the MIMO Analysis capability to reduce the time signals to a Spectral Density Matrix to use in a MIMO Random Vibration test  

Control 6DoF Road Vibration

Data Physics Controllers are the industry leaders in MIMO shaker control.  Play back full 6DoF Vibration time histories on a 6DoF shaker such as the Team Cube (shown to the right) to replicate the exact vibration environment seen by your test article – or play back MIMO Random PSDs (Spectral Density Matricies), shock events, or more.  See  Multi Axis Controllers for more details.