Multi Shaker Testing

Data Physics is the World Leader in MIMO Control

Data Physics MIMO Controllers are used to control the world’s most complex multi-shaker vibration tables. Where other MIMO dynamic test control systems have failed, Data Physics 800 Series MIMO controller has succeeded. Data Physics has hundreds of successful MIMO shaker installations.

Vibration Control of Large MDOF Vibration Package Test System

MIMO Multi Shaker Controller Without Compromise

There are many reasons to run a Multi-Shaker Vibration test. Multiple shakers can be combined to run a higher force test in a single axis (Multi-Shaker Single Axis) or multiple shakers can be connected to run a multi-axis test. Shakers can be connected to a table with or without bearings, or they can be connected directly to the test article for a modal type excitation. In all cases, the 800 Series MIMO controller has the specs and the smarts to bring the system into control.

Don’t risk your shakers by using a single axis controller pretending to be a MIMO controller. Use the tested and proven 800 Series MIMO Controller. 

Multi Shaker Profile Types and Features

Data Physics MIMO Controllers support all the same vibration test profile types as the typical single shaker controller

  • Sine
  • Random
  • Shock
  • SRS Shock
  • Mixed Mode (Sine/Random on Random)
  • Time History Replication
SignalStar Matrix Multi-Shaker Random
Push-push horizontal vibration testing using two Data Physics LE-4022-3 shakers

Dual Shaker Tests

Connect two shakers together for extra force in a single axis, or control two axes simultaneously.
  • Push/Push orientation
  • Push/Pull orientation
  • Horizontal (driving slip plate)
  • Vertical (head expander)
  • Direct connection to test article

Multi Shaker Multi Axis Testing

Drive a Multi-axis vibration table or a custom arrangement of multiple shakers in any orientation acting on the same table or test article.

  • Actuators connected directly to a table
  • Actuators connected directly to a test article
  • 2-6+ DoF Testing (Translations, Rotations, Mode shapes)
  • Control all translations/rotations for full 6+DoF control
    – Null other degrees of freedom to cancel out translations/rotations in an axis
Dual cube MDOF vibration testing
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Overdetermined and Modal Control

  • Over-actuated systems (more shakers than degrees of freedom)
  • Mode shape Cancellation – Keep your vibration table rigid to a higher frequency by fighting the table’s mode shapes
  • Modal Control – Specifically excite a structure’s modes to exactly replicate the vibration it will see during use

Advanced Multi-Shaker Technologies

  • Kinematic Transformation
  • Modeshape cancellation
  • Multi-Axis Environment Characterization
  • Random Data Reduction (SDM Matrix)
  • Time waveform recording and replication
SignalStar Matrix Multi Shaker Sine with Limiting