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Package Testing

Package Vibration Testing

Package testing examines the effects of the levels of packaging, its contents, external forces, and end-use. On a practical level, many consumer products only withstand vibration testing in the form of package testing. Vibration package testing intends to simulate a product’s voyage in transport and handling.

ISTA, ASTM and ISO standards and procedures are most often used to define package testing requirements. Many MIL-STD tests are also referenced for the testing of packaged products traveling in various military theaters of operation. Government regulations for hazardous materials, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices establish specific requirements for the testing of those packaged products.

Transportation Measurement

Field Data Recorders are used for both transportation measurement and monitoring activities. NVT Group member Lansmont Corporation designs and manufactures portable field data recorders that capture environmental data including shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, altitude and GPS location. This comprehensive data indicates not only the magnitude of critical events, but exactly when and even where those events occurred. This data provides precise, accurate evidence in support of assessing liability when the need arises.

Transportation Vibration

Data Physics offers turnkey systems for shock and vibration testing. Standards-based transportation vibration testing is almost always based upon random vibration drive profiles. Data Physics SignalStar Vibration Controllers can accept and control PSD-based random vibration tests on both hydraulic and electrodynamic shakers.

Package-product vibration testing sometimes references profiles with higher frequency content (300-500 Hz.), a performance range where electrodynamic shakers excel. SignalForce Electrodynamic Shakers are available in a variety of sizes with accessories that can be used specifically for package test applications.

Multi-Axis Vibration Testing

In the real world, vibration is not limited to just one direction. Real motion occurs in multiple degrees of freedom–and your vibration tests can too. NVT Group member Team Corporation offers a number of multi-axis vibration test system solutions, all of which use Data Physics SignalStar Matrix controllers.

Shock and Drop Test

During transportation, boxes are both mechanically and manually loaded, unloaded, and sometimes even dropped. Consequently, a critical component of package testing is Drop Testing. Drop Testing. SignalCalc Drop Test provides a modern, comprehensive, and easy to use package for capturing any transient waveform. Designed for day-to-day use of testing on drop test machines, high-cycle shock machines, and repetitive impact machines, SignalCalc Drop Test takes the guesswork out of test setup and reporting.

General Package Testing Equipment

NVT Group member Lansmont Corporation has developed the knowledge, technology and methodologies necessary to measure the shipping and handling environment. This is key information for developing and designing protective packaging materials. Lansmont Package Testing Equipment products replicate the damaging events associated with distribution. Lansmont also offers specialized equipment such as…

…all of which are referenced and used in prominent industry test standards, such as ISTA and ASTM.

Advanced Dynamic Signal Analysis

Data Physics SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers provide highly accurate measurements in the time, frequency, amplitude, and order domains. With a variety of measurement capabilities and channel count configurations, expanding dynamic signal analysis capabilities has never been easier for any channel count.