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SignalForce – Air Cooled Shakers

SignalForce – Air Cooled Shakers

Air-cooled shakers are the workhorses for many component testing applications such as automotive assemblies and consumer electronics equipment. The Data Physics range includes many shaker models with axial guidance bearings and 2 inches (50mm displacement) and our largest air-cooled model offers 2.5 inches (63.5mm) continuous displacement.

All cooling blowers for these shakers include noise reduction silencers, all models feature high levels of efficiency.

Data Physics’ range of small shakers is in use all over the world. Some have even been taken into space for special experiments under zero gravity conditions. Applications have included medical research, electronic component testing, materials analysis, automotive component testing, tyre balancing and actuator applications for antenna positioning using low axial stiffness special suspension units.

Data Physics’ range of air-cooled shakers have found application testing in Formula 1 racing cars, mobile telephones, health & safety type approvals, materials analysis, avionics systems and electronic sub-systems testing. These shakers provide high lateral and torsional stiffness to provide maximum stability and support. This produces high performance and low distortion levels.

Download SignalForce Datasheets in the Data Physics Library