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SignalSound Underwater Acoustic Test Capabilities

SignalSound Underwater Acoustic Test Capabilities

Since 1973, Gearing & Watson has built an impressive range of underwater products.  With Gearing & Watson now part of Data Physics, this legacy continues.  Data Physics offers complete turnkey solutions for underwater acoustic tests, including sound sources, transducers, drive electronics, towfish, tow cables, full handling systems, trials support and service.

SignalSound underwater acoustic products provide a versatile means of projecting simulated target spectra, at sea, for operation with all types of passive sonar and passive ranging systems. Low frequency underwater projectors (hydrosounders) also produce pulses for exercising intercept sonars, and they include an echo repeat sub system for operation with active sonars.

SignalSound underwater projectors are in the following configurations:

  • Towable from tugs, auxiliaries, COOP
  • Ship hull mounted systems
  • Submarine hull mounted
  • Seabed installation
  • Free ranging systems with integral GPS

These systems are used for a variety of applications including:

  • Command team training for ships, submarines, helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft
  • Training for sonar operators in the art of detection and classification of modern submarine targets in a realistic environment
  • Performance proving for in-service sonars and design proving for new development sonars
  • High power calibration systems
  • Acoustic range calibration, research and oceanographic applications
  • Minesweeping operations

Using commercial-off-the-shelf technology, SignalSound underwater systems are available as complete turnkey packages.  Installation assistance, trials support, and lifetime service are all available.

SignalSound Low Frequency Underwater Projectors

SignalSound Underwater Signal Generation and Measurement

Download SignalSound Data Sheets in the Data Physics Library