Application Notes, Technical Articles, and Case Studies

Signal Processing

Case Study – Metso Corporation

Correlation Measurements for Process Quality Analysis

Demodulation Analysis of Gear Vibration

Resonance Analysis on Paper Machines

Safety First for Satellite and Spacecraft Tests – Aerospace Testing Intl.

Analog Was Not a Computer Trademark – by George Fox Lang

Analysis of Friction-Induced Vibration Leading to Eek Noise in a Dry Friction Clutch – by Pierre Wickramarachi and R. Singh

Applications of DSP Centric Dynamic Signal Analyzers to Industrial Rotating Machinery Diagnostics – COMADEM 2008 – by Arun Menon

Effects of Sampling and Aliasing on the Conversion of Analog Signals to Digital Format – by Ruwan Welaratna

Effects of Windowing on the Spectral Content of a Signal – by Pierre Wickramarachi

Advanced Data Acquisition and Signal Analysis Packages Can Enable Effective Ground Vibration Testing

Modal Analysis by Appropriated Excitation Technique – by Claudie Hutin

Paper Machine Supercalender Vibration Analysis with a DSPcentric, Multichannel Dynamic Signal Analyzer – by Arun Menon

Quality Control Testing on Automotive Components

Review of State-of-the-Art Order Tracking Techniques for High-Speed Turbocharger Testing – IMAC 2008 – by Arun Menon

Shake up the Industry – with Sri Welaratna

Sound (Quality) Sense – by D. Lovegrove, S. Hough

The Difficulties in Evaluating A-Weighted Sound Level Measurements – by John M. Masciale

The FFT Analyzer in Engineering Education- by Robert Frey

The Right Dynamic Stuff – by Sri Welaratna

Turbocharger Order Analysis – by Arun Menon

Understanding the Use and Application of Shock Response Methods – by Claudie Hutin