Acoustic Testing

Acoustic measurements are used to quantify noise or sound power emitted from a product

Acoustic measurements go hand in hand with vibration measurements – and in many cases the the goal of vibration reduction is rooted in the need for a reduction in acoustic noise

Octave Measurements

Realtime Octave Measurements

Octave bank filters can be customized to fit your application; with support up to 20kHz on all input channels (ANSI S1.11 compatible)

Synthesized Octaves

Octave measurements can be synthesized from narrowband FFTs

In Parallel with Vibration Measurements

Create accurate synthesized octaves for acoustic measurements live during vibration measurements, with separate sample rates

Abacus 901 and 906

Industry-Leading Hardware

High dynamic range

The 24 bit ADCs acheive over 140dB of dynamic range – making full use of sophisticated or ICP microphones

Quiet Operation

Abacus 901 is passively cooled and is completely solid state – it is completely silent and is perfect for acoustic measurements.  The 906 supports a temporary quiet mode which disables its fans – it can be enabled to take acoustic measurements 

High Channel Count

The 900 Series hardware works at low or high channel counts – allowing for the acquisition of hundreds of channels – alias free and synchronized to within 35ns