Visit us in booth 602 at the 93RD SHOCK & VIBRATION SYMPOSIUM SEPTEMBER 24-28, 2023 | ATLANTA, GA

93rd SAVE Symposium

Data Physics and Team Corporation vibration testing experts will be on hand to help you advance your vibration testing initiatives. We’ll also be hosting a presentation and a specialized training session.

September 24-28, 2023  |  Atlanta, GA

Visit us in booth 602


Vendor Session B
Tuesday, Sept. 26
4:10 – 4:30 PM
Meeting Room 301

Data Physics’ Thomas Reilly will present:

“Advanced Technologies for Single and Multi Degree of Freedom Shock and Vibration Testing”


Training VI
Thursday, Sept. 28
8:00 – 10:00 AM
Meeting Room 301

Data Physics’ Raman Sridharan will host a 2-hour training session:

“Introduction to Multi-Shaker Testing”

The course will cover:

• The need for multi-shaker control
• Single shaker vs. multi-shaker control
• Rigid and modal degrees of freedom
• Considerations when designing a multi-shaker test
• Common issues encountered in multi-shaker tests

About the Event

The annual Shock and Vibration Symposium is the leading forum for the structural dynamics and vibration community to present and discuss new developments and on-going research. The Symposium was established in 1947 and typically includes both unclassified (unlimited and limited distribution) and classified sessions.

Topics covered at the symposium include shock-ship testing, water shock, weapons effects (air blast, ground shock, cratering, penetration) shock physics, earthquake engineering, structural dynamics, and shock and vibration instrumentation and experiment techniques. Over 200 technical papers are typically presented.

Panel discussions address topics such as new software developments or accelerometer isolation problems. Tutorials provide up-to-date technology overviews by leading specialists.