Join us at ESTECH 2024- IEST’s 70th Annual Technical Meeting and Exposition in Las Vegas


NVT Group companies Data Physics and Team Corporation will be presenting their solutions for signal analysis and vibration testing.

May 6-9, 2024  |  Planet Hollywood  |  Las Vegas, Nevada

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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Beyond Earth: Environmental Testing for Space Applications
10:10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Chair: Julie Jennings, Lockheed Martin

Embark on a journey to the cosmos in this fascinating session that explores the crucial role of environmental testing in ensuring the success and safety of space missions. From extreme temperatures to vacuum conditions, participants will gain an understanding of how environmental testing replicates the harsh conditions of space on Earth. Join us as experts delve into the intricacies of testing methodologies, challenges, and their impact on spacecraft and equipment design. Whether you’re a space enthusiast, engineer, or scientist, this session offers a unique perspective on how environmental testing paves the way for mankind’s adventures beyond our planet.

Associated Presentations:

Coupled Multi-Actuator Testing for Space Flight Hardware ApplicationsRaman Sridharan, Data Physics Corporation

Blue Origin’s New Glenn Rocket Successfully Completed Two Fairing Separation Tests — Denisse Aranda, Blue Origin

Overview of SMC-S-016 Test Requirements — Julie Jennings, Lockheed Martin

About the Event

Hosted by IEST, the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology, the ESTECH Annual Technical Meeting and Exposition is the leading conference for professionals in the fields of contamination control, clean rooms, controlled environments, product reliability, environmental testing, and nanotechnology facilities that offers continuing education training, technical sessions, networking, and Working Group meetings. 

ESTECH continues to be the place to discuss critical topics and shape standards that impact our industry and the world at large. ESTECH offers technical training by notable experts, best practices, networking, regulatory updates, and a first look at new technologies and services.