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Webinar Video – Smart Features to Enhance Sine-on-Random Testing in SignalCalc 900

Sine-on-Random Testing with SignalCalc 900’s Signal Selector, Trace Color/Style Manager, and Template System

Data Physics is pleased to present this free webinar – specifically directed to those looking to expand their understanding of the features and functionality of the SignalCalc 900 Series Analyzer/Controller.

Webinar Overview

It can be tedious to bring up plots for Sine-on-Random tests in particular, because there are a number of plots – one for the broadband Random, and one for each Sine component.

You can simplify the process with the Signal Selector’s Trace Color and Style Manager, and Graph Template Features.

Sine-on-Random tests are often tedious to set up with several different profiles, and the results can be confusing…but the 900 Series Controller includes enhancements that improve data legibility, streamline setup, and even advanced features which allow you to protect your test article from over-test.

When you run a Sine-on-Random test, it would make sense for your control plots to be split into two separate categories: Sine sweeps/dwells, and Random vibration. But most competitive products don’t do this – they give you one composite PSD that incorporates both the Sine and Random components.

The 900 Series’ Sine-on-Random controller’s analysis algorithms separate the sinusoidal response from the random vibration while maintaining data integrity. The resulting data is what you would expect: a sine sweep plot for each sine component, and a broadband random plot for the random vibration.

Setting up a Sine-on-Random test can be laborious, particularly if there are several Sine components. The 900 Series streamlines this process by making full use of modern 1080p screens and allows all components to be viewed and entered in a single window. Bringing up plots of individual Sine components or the broadband Random is seamless – with signals selectable by component number and automatic trace coloring.

Testing Sensitive or Volatile Test Articles?

The 900 Series Sine-on-Random and Random-on-Random controllers include limiting/notching on the PSD response of a sensor – similar to what is commonly performed in a Random vibration test. This capability makes the 900 Series Sine-on-Random controller ideal for testing sensitive test articles.

Don’t accept substandard Sine-on-Random test performance – demo the 900 Series Sine-on-Random capabilities today!