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NVT Group Companies COVID-19 Message

With the challenging dynamics of today’s geopolitical environment, The NVT Group of companies (Data Physics, Lansmont & TEAM) remains absolutely committed to delivering outstanding quality products and service to our customers.  At the top of our priority list is the safety and well being of our customers, employees, and partners. 

We remain at 100% production from our global facilities and have taken steps to reduce risks that could impact our ability to deliver.  Within our facilities, we continue to reinforce the common-sense practices of general hygiene as well as taking extra measures in our cleaning routines.  We have reduced general gathering and implemented (where practical) appropriate distancing as well.

We are minimizing our external travel from individuals regularly at the facility to help avoid potential contact points.  We are also balancing our travel to customers for sales or service calls with other methods where possible and trying to keep those that are traveling regularly away from our production facilities.  For our service clients, we are doing our very best to maintain appointments and provide timely responses. 

Unfortunately, external restrictions are preventing us from reaching every customer in the near term.  For those of our employees who do visit our customers, we are having them regularly and diligently check their own well being to assure they are healthy enough to visit your location.

For our visitors, we kindly ask the same diligence.  Please do not visit our facilities if you are not feeling well, even if you have not been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.  In addition, we also want to avoid having visitors who have traveled to any of the listed areas for concern as published by the US CDC.

We understand that there are many needs requiring NVT Group solutions and we are fully prepared to continue to provide those to you.  We wish you all the best in these challenging days and look forward to continuing to support you.

Thank you,

Keith Luomala, CEO