Data Physics 906 and 901 on screen

Meet the Data Physics 900 Series All-In-One Analyzer and Controller

Easy to Use. Versatile. Powerful.

It’s a Dynamic Signal Analyzer. It’s a Vibration Controller. And if you need a single tool that does it all, it’s both. You can even use the 900 Series to capture live data in the field, perform your analysis, and then control shakers in the laboratory for the ultimate streamlined vibration test workflow!

Intelligent software features make your life easier.

Simplified test setup. Setting up a test is easy with the ability to leverage existing test templates and features such as auto-fill from reference.

Efficient data management. A searchable relational database structure makes the process of defining a test, making measurements, and comparing/analyzing data easier than ever before.

Flexible, fast report generation. Generate custom plots with test data, status, and test parameters – saved directly to PDF, Microsoft Word and other formats.


Versatile hardware architecture expands your options.

Distributed DSP hardware architecture. Monitor live tests anywhere on the network and even operate autonomously without connection to a PC.

Reconfigurable channels. User-selectable channel types (Input, Output, Tachometer) provide more flexibility in test configuration.

Seamless channel expansion. Network multiple systems as needed for larger tests.


And it just got better.

The latest release of Data Physics SignalCalc 900 Series software incorporates more features and refinements than ever before, including:

Multi Recorder Capability. Record up to four independent time histories simultaneously at different sample rates with automatic export to Matlab, UFF and other formats

Time History Recording Editor. Graphical tool for editing (cut, paste, filter or re-sample) time-history data files from both native and external sources

Visual Shaker Limits. Visualize how hard your shaker is being driven

Run Selector. Easily compare and overlay data between Tests, Runs and Saves

900 Software on Quattro. SignalCalc 900 series now fully supports the USB-powered Quattro hardware platform


The 900 Series delivers value without compromising performance. Maximize your instrumentation investment with the DP 900 Series Analyzer and Controller.