Special Pricing and Shorter Lead Times on Select Turnkey Vibration Test Systems

Special Pricing and Shorter Lead Times on Select Turnkey Vibration Test Systems

Save up to $16,000 –Through December 31st, 2022


The current financial and supply chain challenges are impacting us all. Higher costs and longer lead times are becoming more common.

In an effort to help vibration testing professionals during these unprecedented times, Data Physics is offering a selection of turnkey vibration test systems, with an emphasis on value, performance, and shorter lead times.
Turnkey Vibration Test Systems: What’s Included?
Each turnkey system includes a GW Series electrodynamic, air-cooled shaker with matched high performance amplifier, cooling blower, a 4-channel 901 controller with Random control software, and an ICP accelerometer. Just add utilities, and you’ll be testing in no time.
Special Pricing and Shorter Lead Times on Select Turnkey Vibration Test Systems
GW Shakers: Dependable. Versatile. Easy to Maintain.
Data Physics’ range of medium-force electrodynamic shakers are the workhorses of environmental vibration testing. These air-cooled shakers are suitable for aerospace, MIL-STD, and electronics testing, as well as general purpose automotive, and screening tests. All Data Physics SignalForce electrodynamic shaker systems, including amplifiers and accessories such as head expanders and slip tables, are manufactured by Data Physics.
  • Automatic load support
  • Automatic armature centering
  • Flexure and pogo bearing guidance
  • Safety inter-locks and over-travel detection
  • Vertical isolation mounts (VI)
  • Lin-E-Air isolated trunnions (VH)
  • Monobase with slip tables for sequential three axis testing
  • Air glides and guidance systems
  • Metric or imperial threads
  • Custom designed head expanders
  • External guidance systems
  • Climatic chamber interfaces and barriers
  • V-groove wheels and rails to provide accurate guidance below chambers
  • Head expanders
  • Thermal barriers
  • Acoustic enclosures
  • Weatherproof enclosures for cooling blowers
  • Economy field supply to reduce power consumption

GW shaker models included in this offer:

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* Armature size options: 340 / 440 / 640 mm

The Data Physics 901 Analyzer/Controller is trusted by leading vibration test laboratories around the world.
Closeup of the input and output connections on the Data Physics 901 Analyzer/Controller
The 901 Controller:
The Abacus 901 is an ultraportable system well-suited for both laboratory and field use. Multiple systems can be combined for larger tests.
  • Four channels (input/output/tach)
  • Passive cooling for silent operation
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Remote and autonomous operation
900 Series Random Vibration Control Software:
Random Vibration is representative of the broad range of vibration environments that products and structures in automotive, aerospace, and transportation industries experience during their lifetimes.
By introducing random vibrations into a structure, typically with an electrodynamic or servo-hydraulic shaker, all resonant frequencies are excited simultaneously, enabling comprehensive measurement and documentation safely in the test lab or on the production floor.
Random Vibration Testing is well-suited for vibration qualification, with applications ranging from prototype testing and production test screening to qualification to standards such as MIL-STD 810.

The current financial and supply chain challenges may be long term, but unfortunately, this offer is not.

This turnkey vibration test system offer ends December 31, 2022, so contact us today for a quote.