Oldest controller contest

The Oldest Digital Controller Contest Winner!

The Oldest Digital Vibration Controller Contest Winner!

A sincere thank-you to all who have participated in this contest!

After receiving nearly 50 entries from around the world...we have a winner!

HP5427A Vibration Control System – Circa 1981

Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) – South Africa

HP5427A Vibration Control System

The winner will receive a Data Physics 901 Controller – fully-loaded with the following software:  

  • Random Vibration Control
  • Sine Vibration Control
  • Shock Vibration Control
  • SRS Synthesis Control
  • Mixed-Mode Control (Sine on Random, Random on Random)
  • Sine Resonance Search and Dwell Control
  • Time Replication Control
  • Signal Analysis and Time Data Recording