A powerful software upgrade offer for Quattro users

Enhance the Performance of your Quattro (200 Series) with the New SignalCalc 900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyzer Software

The latest generation of SignalCalc 900 Series signal analysis and vibration testing software fully supports the legendary USB-powered Quattro analyzer platform, including hassle-free importing of test setups and viewing of historical data previously recorded with DP240 software.

Upgrade your Quattro (200 Series) to 900 Series Software

With thousands in use worldwide, Quattro has proven its reliability and ease of use in power & process, electronics manufacturing, aerospace, military, university R&D, and many other settings. Now with enhanced features and functions delivered by SignalCalc 900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyzer software, Quattro users can get the best of both worlds!

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Step Up to Higher Performance

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More Performance, More Value.

The 900 Series supports a wide variety of signal analysis applications such as FFT, structural/modal, and rotating machinery/rpm-based analysis, as well as continuous-time history recording and playback, and export to popular applications such as Matlab® and MEscope.

Access SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers Literature

Download the 900 Series Analyzer for Quattro data sheet and brochures and other related literature in pdf format.