Data Physics Coffee Break Webinars

Webinar Video – Automation with the SignalCalc 900 Application Sequencer

Automation with the SignalCalc 900 Application Sequencer

Monday, March 13th    10:00 – 10:30 AM PST / 1:00 – 1:30 PM EST

Data Physics is pleased to present this free webinar – specifically directed to those looking to expand their understanding of the features and functionality of the SignalCalc 900 Series Analyzer/Controller.

Webinar Agenda

1. Application Sequencer Overview

2. Application Sequencer GUI

3. Application Sequencer Scripting

Application Sequencer Overview

  • SignalCalc 900’s Application Sequencer allows you to pre-program different tests to execute sequentially
  • Tests can be configured to run automatically without user interaction
  • Logic, conditional statements, loops, and variables can be used to create custom functionality
  • Other lab equipment can be incorporated with the use of the Relay Card
  • A detailed Relay Card webinar will cover its usage

Application Sequencer Scripting

  • SignalCalc 900’s Application Sequencer files are saved as text-editable scripts
  • This allows rapid development of new scripts and complex logic in a text editor
  • Sequencer scripting logic can quickly be implemented to have the sequencer control all equipment involved in a test, monitor all statuses, and act as a supervisory controller for (e.g.) a thermal chamber, an altitude chamber, the vibration controller, and any other systems involved in the test, and the vibration controller

Webinar has concluded.  Watch the recording: